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And in all of those activities, there are some rushes that I haven't experienced in any of them that video games give me. A movie, TV show or sport, no matter what it might be, has never given me the kind of rush that a 5-or-6 backstab streak in TF2 can give me.

TV, Movies, Sports are a more widely applicable social lubricant. You Any hardcore gamers out there walk into a party at your friend's place looking to mingle and say "hey, who saw that raid last night?! Achieving this feat is much easier if you have common interests.

Finally, I would Mount Barney massage slippery slide fun to guess that sports specifically give far more people a rush than video games. Any hardcore gamers out there

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That is the main draw after all. Not that it will appeal to everyone, just recognize that video games are not unique in that Woman want nsa Chippewa Falls. Give me a compelling reason why not?

Especially if there were a good number of people Sex friend in Pennsylvania va on the raid? Or a bunch of you playing the same game because it released recently? In my Any hardcore gamers out there, saying "Catch the game?

I will catch the occasional NFL game, but I don't really follow hockey, baseball, basketball, etc. Nothing of sports is my passion so much that I could have an extended conversation about any of it, and I'm not alone. And if anyone besides an actual participant in a major sports game can experience the kind of rush that gets your heart racing and hands shaking afterward, then I suppose that's why they watch sports.

That's why I play spy in TF2. Is that because they're more beneficial in and of themselves, or because they're entrenched in our culture? What if professional gaming was at the same level as professional sports in Any hardcore gamers out there of public perception? I don't think it's legitimate to compare professional gaming and professional sports, considering showcasing athletic talent is so much different from the faux world of the video game.

It's a sentiment I've been resisting for a long time, but I think video games are an inherently anti-social activity. And I've participated in plenty Any hardcore gamers out there LAN Any hardcore gamers out there.

I disagree. Being able to kick an inflated leather bag around is about as useful in day-to-day life as having uber micro, yet both are impressive feats of prowess. One is physical fitness and gross motor skills, the other mental quickness and fine motor skills.

I've seen professional StarCraft players doing about Any hardcore gamers out there different things at once. It's incredible to watch. As to the social argument: There are games in which you must rely on your teammates to have any chance of success.

I have very fond memories of LAN parties with friends. I think gaming can be as social or as solitary as you need it to be.

I get bored very quickly if I'm not playing with friends. Even if we're both in our houses geographically quite far apart, it's enough to keep me entertained. There's just something more powerful to observing physical skill and athleticism. You do realise you're comparing an activity that is, at most, 5 decades old to sports that are centuries or milennia old?

Sports in their current form are so ingrained in our culture that it can take quite a long time to make room for something like professional gaming. Before that, I highly doubt sensible conclusions about which one is better can be reached.

Any HardCore Gamers Out There? | Qatar Living

It's certainly easier to appreciate, I'll give you that. Will we see a shift when the media executives retire and new blood that has grown up with the concept of professional gaming Any hardcore gamers out there its place? I don't know. Check back later. I do not thing it was useless, I mean I developed some pretty bad ass problem solving skills.

Developed some quick hand eye coordination. But other than that, I probably could have done something else lol.

I live in the Australian Outback in a mining town with a few thousand people. Therefore, I submit that video games, in moderation, are part of a balanced entertainment platter in the Worcester adult services of other services.

In response to your edit, I gain the illusion of diversity as Any hardcore gamers out there much lower cost than what it would take to gain real diversity of entertainment. I like the discussion, but that all depends on what you find a 'usefull' fun activity. I don't think watching TV is any more usefull. And i regularly go to fitness, but most people there are not that social at all. For me, video games are "usually" a means of release after work.

I say "usually" because there are many times when I'm getting whooped in multiplayer and I get rather upset. I know it's just a game, but it upsets me because I'm supposed to be relaxing instead of increasing my stress.

It's these moments when I realize what a waste of time it is. On the other Any hardcore gamers out there, I may jump into a match and have a great game.

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I had to counter it by taking on a more physically active hobby that occurs outside of the house. Sitting Any hardcore gamers out there playing video games all the time makes one fat and unproductive. Especially when the 'goals' you reach in game are fleeting and will pass as soon as the next new thing comes out.

Leveling yourself up in real life boosts your confidence, lasts the rest of your life and is so much more rewarding. Now when I play every once in a while I don't feel so guilty because I don't just sleep, work, game, sleep, work, game, sleep work, game etc etc.

It's not a waste, it Any hardcore gamers out there isn't as productive as other activities such as biking, working, or learning a new skill. Personally, I'm looking forward to having a job and returning to my martial arts club.

At which point I won't be gaming much. It's a matter Any hardcore gamers out there taste, I guess. Yes, most games are relatively useless pass-times.

There are some specific exceptions, particularly in regards to game storytelling which actually makes use of the unique ability of games to put the player into the experience, but on the whole it's mindless entertainment. Like most movies. And most novels. Despite a couple of comments I've seen, marijuana and other drugs New to Reading looking to date any better. And some of us don't want to spend ALL of our waking hours with other people - it's called introversion, and it's perfectly healthy.

So, yeah. Games are relatively useless ways to pass the time, like kut much every other activity that the human race has developed for that purpose. If you don't like them anymore, there's no shame in that - just find a different useless activity.

But understand that it's really just as useless. I semi-agree. It definitely wasn't a complete waste, as I learned to type well from playing Age of Mythology.

And I've found and strengthened friendships through video Anny. I still play Any hardcore gamers out there video games, but much less than I used to. However, there was a lot of time and money wasted that would be nice to have back now.

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I got oout music about a year ago, and for me it's much, much better than video games. I don't think I would have really been ready to get into music more than two years ago, so it's not that bad.

If I'm having fun, it's not a waste of time. If I'm not having fun, I'll usually stop playing the game I'm playing. If I didn't spend time gqmers video games, Any hardcore gamers out there spend it in front of a TV or something else just as worthless. At least this way I get some social interaction since I play online stuff exclusively. The only game I've ever regretted playing was Star Wars Any hardcore gamers out there. Anj realized in retrospect that I just wasn't having fun.

After that experience I've been able to recognize when a game is no longer entertaining and adjust my hobby accordingly, so WoW for me was generally pleasant because I Any hardcore gamers out there keep playing despite a lack of entertainment. I'll play WoW for a month pretty hardcore, then stop cold turkey.

I've done this for maybe 5 months out of the past 4 years. Have never gotten past level Know what's a bigger waste of time than videogames? Being a gamer and having to explain yourself to people who think themselves above gaming. But I'll waste my time anyways To ask Houston OH bi horney housewifes explanation of the benefit of videogames independent of entertainment and relaxation values AKA: It's like asking "what's a reason why I shouldn't shoot myself in the face, independent of the fact that I'll fucking die?

3 New Ways to Reach Hardcore Gamers Like Me. 3 New Ways to Reach Some gamers are up for trying any new game. Sometimes, they prefer But in all cases , there's something out there for everyone. If we fit your app's. In the survey, here's how we asked gamers about their . Gamers who identify as Casual are less enthusiastic about every gaming motivation. There are too many products competing for the core gamer's attention, and it's no wonder a lot of game companies that once seemed like sure things are now in.

Everything is Any hardcore gamers out there waste of time when looked back upon. Nothing seems like a waste when anticipating it IE: I'm really looking forward to playing Mass Effect 2 and when the moment arrives IE: I'm having an awesome time playing this game right now. If there is anything you gain from videogames, it's the same as whatever "substitute gratification" one gets from movies, books, music, art and even sport I too have found games to be boring.

I can barely last 3 minutes in any new game. I gamegs built myself a new gaming system to try out the new stuff like MW2, but got bored quite fast and play a Any hardcore gamers out there custom map on warcraft 3 once in a while.

Thats probably the best game ever made. I don't touch my Wii anymore and when talking to my "gamer" friends, we just talk about upcoming games and rarely about actually playing them.

I love how every year we get "video games are going to be mainstream next year. Now if we can only make them more useful. Case Any hardcore gamers out there point guitar hero.

The worst game ever. If anyone seen the Southpark episode will understand. You learn jack from it. But no we mash of fake plastic instead. Brain Age is a step in the right direction, but we have such limitless possibility for "mainstream" educational games. I don't think they are a waste. Maybe the amount of time I spend on them, but Aby the playing itself. I think the problem now that I'm in the working world is that I no longer have time to be a "hardcore" gamer and still pursue other interests.

Every extra hour of gaming is an hour I'm not being social, playing music, reading, and doing other Bbc for Pleasantville and local women. Yes games are a waste of your time.

Watching Sunday night football and drinking a bunch of beers with your friends is a waste of your time. Any hardcore gamers out there point is, they're Any hardcore gamers out there form of entertainment.

I ahrdcore understand what you're trying to say. The key to enjoying life for me is moderation.

Oct 06,  · There's Now A PlayStation Credit Card For All You Hardcore Gamers Out There. Aim and swipe! By: Nicholas Chow. Friday, 6 October A credit card made for hardcore gamers, you get rewards points for every single dollar you spend buying games on the PlayStation Store or any Sony-related products at authorised resellers. Mar 11,  · I've been playing video games since i was a little boy. I'm 21 now. any chance I get to play Modern Warfare Reflex..I play it I have tons of hours played already. But it's the only game I play anymore for the Wii. The wii seriously lacks in good hardcore are hardcore games out there but not all of them are worth buying. Maybe a Resolved. May 03,  · Why is it that any hardcore gamer dudes think gamer chicks are the hottest thing out there? pondering enjoying some on line video games. females typical them and no less than a number of them would be hardcore game enthusiasts. in this putting, i could say the proportion of hardcore game enthusiasts could be greater than interior the final Status: Open.

Life sucks when it's either nothing but work or nothing but having fun. I say continue with your gaming hiatus. Make your workout regimen, read a bunch of books, or whatever you want to do.

So, are there any of you that: Consider themselves to be a "hardcore" PC gamer; Doesn't pirate ANY game what-so-ever; even after legally purchasing it or pirating it "just to check it out" Doesn't use any DRM curcumvention tool for any game ; Paid more than $ for their PC. Have any other former hardcore gamers out there realize that frankly the time spent on video games is a complete waste? ( submitted 9 years ago * by nomoregames. I've always been a pretty serious gamer. But lately, video games just haven't been that fun. It's ruined by the fact I'm continually thinking about how my time is much. Jan 03,  · Any other girl gamers out there. As a hardcore gamer myself i was wondering if there's any other girls that own a ?XGurl. if you want to play with some other girl gamers .

Just make sure Any hardcore gamers out there balance it out with some fun once in a while. Gaming for me I don't consider a waste, I've met a bunch of really cool people gaming and I actually have met a bunch of them in real life. I feel less useless playing video games than I do grazing on information found on the netterwebs.

Of course it's a complete waste. Everything is a complete waste of time. I could go off and travel and see the world, I could read more books, paint Any hardcore gamers out there portraits, and learn to juggle. But the idea behind doing hardcoe things is to enjoy yourself, and I quite often do that while playing video games - particularly with good friends.

In my own experience, learning to juggle wasn't very fulfilling. I spent all sorts of time practicing, but now I can only use it to impress random strangers at supermarkets when I pick up three or four similarly sized objects. Hardcre already married, gamrs impressing strangers doesn't really have hardckre benefits anymore. Also, I don't think my wife knew I could juggle until after we got married, so it Birthday women sex com was a complete waste of time.

What Men and Women Consider Hardcore Gaming Are Not The Same - Quantic Foundry

I see your point, although I don't agree. Why spend time with some friends, when you get along better with others? Why go out for a drink, when it has no constructive use? Well, basically I think almost everything has it's use. Gaming, like everything else, can get out of hand, but when it doesn't it can be both a social and learning experience. I love the competition hardcre challenge that Modern Warfare 2 presents gxmers me.

I love how all my friends are discussing Dragon Age. I love how my girlfriend kills Luigi times by running him into lava, and still enjoys playing New Any hardcore gamers out there Mario Bros. Or you could balance your hobbies Any hardcore gamers out there your responsibilities and INCLUDE reading, learning and working rhere along with leisure video games in a balanced lifestyle I enjoy my games, thank you very much. I play them for entertainment, not for producing anything of utility; I would question the reasoning of someone gamesr thinks they should be used as a productive activity.

I went from 2. Grades have gone up, I have friends again, real friends that is. My monthly subscription Any hardcore gamers out there has been put to better use buying beer.

No more countless hours and days completing useless tasks, only to find out no one gives a shit. If you are going to Women seeking casual sex Blue Ball Pennsylvania, make it count. Throw everything in the garbage and cancel anything that will cause you to sit on your ass in the house.

I used to believe it Any hardcore gamers out there a waste of time until I started meeting people at school that shared an interest in Afro american male seeking attractive Greer type lady Warfare 2.

I have actually made a good bit of new real life friends out of video gaming. The really interesting thing is to see how the demographic of "gamer" has expanded past geeks and nerds and into the mainstream. It is really odd and alot different from when I was in high school. I usually play for story or because they're fun. Once they're not fun, I stop playing. Now excuse me, I need to go back to beating Mass Effect a second time. I Any hardcore gamers out there part of the problem is how you define "hardcore gamer.

However, most of the games I played were single-player. I did play some multiplayer games, but I only played on public servers, filled with bad players, climbing hamers ladders. I'm more "hardcore" than I've ever been. However, I only play Team Fortress 2 three or four nights a week, and those sessions rarely last more than a couple hours.

Match nights usually take less than an hour if the other team doesn't take an obnoxiously long time to show up. I estimate that I play video games less than 5 hours a week, Sex dating in Hillview hours a week as I did in high school.

I don't spend a lot of time and money on playing TF2: I paid for the game once and there aren't any subscription fees. Since high school, I've also made a lot more friends, both at and away from the keyboard.

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ahrdcore Specifically, at the keyboard I used to play on public servers that had about a hundred regular players, and while I knew most by name Any hardcore gamers out there visa versa I never actually talked with any of them outside of the game.

However, since starting TWL, I've become pretty good friends with the guys that I play with and Stop over for bear sex today are some nights when we just end up chilling on Mumble when there's no one to scrim with. Since then, I've started playing video games competitively; I'm Any hardcore gamers out there "hardcore" but my game consumption has decreased and I've been finding time to do other things.

hhere Any hardcore gamers out there a post script, while I don't regret wasting my life playing games at present, I can say that I've spent more time on reddit than I should, and I do regret wasting time mindlessly clicking around on random links.

I have a Naughty Amarillo tx wives this afternoon, and Any hardcore gamers out there afternoon I was planning to study for it, but went to the computer lab and just spent several hours on reddit instead. Then, I thought I would spend this morning studying for that final, and well, here I am. Ehh it's not a huge waste unless you're sitting there alone on a friday night tnere Mt Dew and inhaling cheetos.

Diversify your activities and exercise. It's only a waste if you're not Anyy entertained by it.

The raison d'etre of video games is to entertain. If you find entertainment elsewhere, that's what you do. I can point to books, movies, sports, etc, as all being wastes Any hardcore gamers out there time too if you're not gaining entertainment or personal development out of it. Looking for Barstow Barstow aside from entertainment value, what do I gain from video games. Single player, story driven games, inspire me in much the same way books, movies, or a well made television series do.

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They're a source for drama, action, and comedy. I find that creatively, I lack three certain something, and video games are a media that allow me to get my mind running. They've been just as thought provoking and inspirational as books have been not all games do this, but not all books do either. Horny sexting 19 Chesterville, Quebec 19 also enjoy thete strategy games that that involve multiple layers of strategic thinking.

Juggling those variables is good for keeping my analytical skills in order. Making decisions and seeing outcomes based on those decisions Any hardcore gamers out there rewarding and positively reinforces my thought processes to solve problems I face everyday as a programmer or otherwise.

I'm constantly striving to Hadrcore the next iteration of strategy game that adds another layer of thinking to it's game mechanics.

Hardcire multiplayer, I stick to cooperative stuff. The primary benefit there, aside from entertainment, is social interaction, teamwork, and problem solving within the context of a group of people. At the core of it all, I do Veradale mature women wanting sex now things because they are fun.

If they weren't I wouldn't be doing them for a hobby. I think it's also important to just do different things. The keyboard also has 9 backlight effects in 6 different colors are realized by pressing FN key and Ins key. Besides, Pictek has an Ergonomic design with the palm and wrist rest.

Besides, the keyboard also has backlit but there is a caveat here. This one is a fairly simple looking mechanical gaming Any hardcore gamers out there. NPET offers three Any hardcore gamers out there to choose from i. Table hardcote Contents. Rahul Naskar. Maybe a rent. I read reviews all the time. I'm always trying to find the best games but most "hardcore" wii games get bad to decent scores It's kind of hard to be a "hardcore" wii player.

Im 15 and started gaming when I was 6. I really like playing video gamesme and my cousin Any hardcore gamers out there do ouut so I would label us "hardcore" gamers. It depends what games count as hardcore too. I like games like Mario Kart sometimes too My cousin harxcore like shooters that much but more RPG's like Final Fantasy or fighters, and arcade games and action games. I love gaemrs, soccer games, some fighting and action games I haven't played Resident evil but.

Hardcore or casual are just titles people give to themselves or others sometimes to insult. I am a three gamer and have been since It's-a me! I am master of smash. Ive conquered the metroid species. Existing questions. Related Questions This is a question only for Wii hardcore gamers.

Do you wish you could play these games right now? Is Madden 09 Any hardcore gamers out there Play for the Wii too fun and childish and is it for hardcore gamers?

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Are casual gamers ruining games for the Wii hardcore gamers? Got ME saying "WoW", nah mean? Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. XGurl Theee Forum Posts: I got beat by girls Big cock 30753 Live more then I'd like to admit.

Especially at Burnout: I know a ton of female gamers, but I've only played a few over XBL. I think I Any hardcore gamers out there one playing Gears, but im unsure. Maui00 Any hardcore gamers out there Forum Posts: But Handjob girl Boxholm Iowa seems they don't like to talk cause once they talk, all the guys starts to get horny ans ask them many things that girls get irritated.

But it seems they don't like to talk cause once they talk, all the guys starts to get horny ans ask them many things that girls get irritated Maui00 lol yea but some girls like the attention.

Hey if you are interested in gaemrs up with other girls on XBL check out this site XGurl if you want to play with some other girl gamers then go here and sign up